We’re gonna Lockdown 2 (electric avenue) – By @alexjheath

We’re gonna Lockdown 2 (electric avenue)

Title isn’t indicative of the content of this particular blog, but 

a.) that’s spontaneity baby, and duhhh-
b.) you don’t want to read about covid right now, because – 
c.) you came here to read what I’ve been up to at school, of course, which begs the question:
d.) what is my demographic?
e.) are you my demographic??
f.) Who are you??
g.) there’s an abba song in this blog so sit tight for that bit but there’s 3 rather boring paragraphs before that – you might as well start those now in order to get to that bit sooner.

Actually, in order to save time, I’ll cut some of the rest of this sent-Uhhhhmm SCA is very cool. I couldn’t be more grateful to be on a course that genuinely commits to creative development – that isn’t constantly tripping itself up on a rigid curriculum and learning targets. I don’t think there’s any course like this in the world. I know I was supposed to expect something along those lines when I signed up, but that hasn’t stopped it being a pleasant surprise.

It’s also been a real blessing to be surrounded by a lot of brilliant people.

Feel motivated to put everything into my work when I know everyone else is doing the same. Didn’t realise SCA would help me think of a million ideas that were nothing to do with advertising.

I keep getting lulled into a false sense of security – the mentors here can often be very understated, so the things they’ll say will sort of drift in, but then I’ll get home afterwards, and start thinking back on some of the stuff I heard earlier, at which point it becomes clearer that they had broken into my brain and smashed the doors off of it in broad daylight – and I can now think about something in an entirely new way. And I always considered those kind of leaps to take ages to figure out.

But there we go.and here it is:(

Best ABBA song no question – if you’re a real fan.  Also I’m desperate for someone to ask me about ABBA’s real demographic because I have an answer and it’s one hell of a theory.

I keep wanting to push forward to April and July and so on, but I have to really take a breath and think about how cool it is to be able to walk around and come up with ideas with very good people, and how that’s a huge luxury right now.

Now, if you look at all the the first letters of each line in this blog, it spells out ‘Steve Harrison had a nice turtleneck but questionable ideas about the world – and advertising’s place within it’. It actually doesn’t, but had I not been dreadfully late on this deadline, it may well have done.Peace out for nowLot of loveAl

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