What career would you have chosen if you hadn’t done advertising? – By HUSH – The SCA Intake of 2018/19

By HUSH – The SCA Intake of 2018/19



What career would you have chosen if you hadn’t done advertising?


This week, we’ve been blood, sweat and tearing it out over D&AD. There’s been plenty of time to reflect on things they could have done with their life other than advertising. Take it away, HUSH.




Alex T: Not even a joke, I signed up for the royal marines but got scared and too afraid to answer their calls. I’d read a couple books written by large men with neck tattoos and thought my life lacked the magic of “discipline”. I’m glad I never did get my shit together and I joined art school. I’m happier drawing pictures rather than having my face kicked in with mud.


Jacob: Mental Health Support Worker for the NHS. Was so so close to doing it full time last year but decided selling biscuits to kids is a much more lucrative career choice.


Lauren: I’m not actually sure.   I have always been interested in sociology so maybe something within that.  Or a florist?


Karolina: Madam of a brothel.


Lucy: Escort obvs. Apparently you can make loads of money…


Tarun: Yeah I think I’d be an escort too, but I don’t see myself being as successful


Saphire: Failed artist.


Tom: Reckon I would have been happiest writing absurdist Cartoons for some streaming service. Still might really, but being creative in ads is very fulfilling for now.


Mary: There was a time that I wanted to be a spy. I went to some interviews with an ex SAS officer. My training to work in his agency was to start with self defence classes in order to be able to protect myself when transporting expensive items around London. I’m 5ft 2 and usually sleep through most exercise efforts so I offered to go through people’s rubbish instead but that was stage two of training and I needed stage one first.


Maddy: I used to *joke* about wanting to be a

trophy wife. A total pipe dream. I’m far too gobby and sloth-like in appearance.


Max: Probably charging £5 to do a backflip.


Ruby: I’ve been publisher, PR, business owner, and none of them completely stuck. I trained as a news producer/documentary maker but got swept up in other stuff, so we’ll go with that.


Gem: Sociologist or art history teacher.  


Jemma: Actor.


Charles: For a long time I wanted to either work in radio or taught at a secondary school. I’d I could start all over again I’d try and become a film-maker or something.


Joe R: I wanted to go into screenwriting or directing before SCA, my bachelor’s degree in Ancient History really set me up well for that. Spielberg or Indiana Jones, they were my two options really.


Vic: I’d have probably ended up teaching English abroad. Hate children, but love the sound of my own voice.


Holly: I was a Graphic Designer for two years before I started SCA so I guess work my way up that ladder. The childhood dream was roller coaster designer but that was crushed when I found out you need to be good at maths.


Andy: I got to the 3rd round of interviews for MI5 once. I’m not supposed to tell anyone that. Otherwise I’d like to be a voiceover artist for cartoons and animations. I always regretted that I never got a voicereel together when I was acting. I’m pretty good at it I think. Think Robin Williams at the beginning of Mrs Doubtfire with the dinosaurs.


Rachel: Game designer or making money off drawing porn.


Leonore: Artist during the day, DJane during the night lol


Alfie : Without doubt an actor. Out of employment most of the time. He’d hit the pub on the weekdays and hide from bailiffs on the weekends.


Dan: A priest. When I was fourteen God came to me in a dream and she said Dan, mate, I’ve got a few things I want to say to you and I said sure thing go ahead and she said you need to stop masturbating so much I’m always watching you and it makes me uncomfortable and also you need to get out there and spread my word and don’t forget to tell people that being gay isn’t okay and also you can touch some kids if you want to but you can never touch an adult that would be inappropriate and I said you know what God that sounds like a pretty good deal and she said yeah it is pretty good isn’t it and I said could I go to advertising school and make a series of badly thought through campaigns that somehow involve you or references to that book you wrote and she said yeah okay you can do that instead if you want.


Antonio: Comic drawer! Yes I would! Drawing really relaxes me and makes me feel good. Through comics, I’m also able to say stories and saying them in the way I like. I create characters, places and situations. I feel I can really express myself. So I would have moved to Florence probably because it’s such and inspiring city and after a couple of years, to Paris.


Coco: Criminology. If advertising fails that’s where I’ll be


Josie: Smelling books all day at a publishing company probs


Zoe: I did an art history degree, so I’d obviously be unemployed.


Dean: I would be a rapper, a comedian and a basketball player. I always wanted to be a chef. I can’t cook. I’d love to be a comedian. But most of all, being a supermarket planner would be the ultimate.

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