What is something you will take away from our Masterclass on Creative Techniques with Neil Pavitt?

Adeline: Quantity leads to quality. And there’s no “I” in a team.


Helena: The more time you are thinking creatively, the more creative you will be.


Alysha: Do as Dali did and try being creative in a semi-conscious state. I often am so it shouldn’t be that difficult…


Andrea: “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Maya Angelou


Becky: Think about the problem, not the solution.


Christopher: What matters in a team is the team.


Darius: People trust the news more than they trust advertising. Sometimes advertising can be the news. And it’s free.


James: Obsess & Develop. Then watch a bunch of cat videos.


Joe: Any joke can be funny, but not to everyone. Know your audience.


Jonothan: Hard work beats and creates talent. People remember feelings.


Josh: Work hard and then let your mind wander, this is when ideas flow.

          Keep a pad of paper by your bed… you never know.


Manon: Think about the problem and not the solution.


Marion: The creative code.

Clarify (think about the problem, not the solution) – Obsess – Develop – Execute


Martin: Your unconscious mind gets solve problems more easily. Think when you are tired.
For example when waking up and laying in bed. Note: Put something to write near you.


Melina: I learned to always have the brand’s purpose in the heart of any work I do. The purpose of the brand can lead to a more creative idea than the product.


Meg: Don’t get miffed – get miffy! Dick Bruna was the author of Miffy, and would create pages 10 or so times until he was happy – so don’t be upset when people offer criticisms and improvements to your work – do them until you are happy!

Petra: Always think of what you want the desired result to be and rewrite the brief to make sure you’re solving the right problem. Remember that when you work really hard and can’t come up with ideas your unconscious will help you. No time trying to think or work with the problem is time wasted, but know when to change activity and your cognitive state of mind to let your unconscious fill in the gaps.


Eve: find what is wrong with your work before it becomes a problem


Gauthier: Work on the pre-mortem, when problem growth it leads to the death of creativity


Gnome: I’m not funny when I think I am.  Great ideas come from doing lots of ideas. Tart around with people and don’t just work with someone because you get on with them, they have to push you. Ideas come when your half asleep and half awake.


Helena P: Your brain is made of plasticine. It’s a muscle and therefore you can train it.


Phil: The best way to have a good idea is to have lots of ideas. Quantity leads to quality.  


Sara: Don’t believe your own hype. Get as many opinions on your work as possible, because it’s hard to see flaws in your own ideas.


Susan: Be aware of your Bias Blind Spot. Always ask a selection of different persona’s how they might receive your idea.


Dan: Invest a spoon or some metal balls.


Poppy: Choose your partner wisely. IDLYBIDHYAWDWWT (I don’t love you but I don’t hate you and we do work well together) is the recipe for success.


Dune: Live your life with an insatiably curious approach as if it was an unrelenting quest for continuous learning.


Philly: “Humour is by far the most significant activity in the human brain. What the joke displays is a switch in perception. This is important in changing the way we think.” – Edward DeBono


Léa: Sometimes it’s best to let your unconscious speak. If you can’t find any ideas or solutions, go for a walk and let your brain do the job, then, come back at your desk.


Zoe: Don’t stop thinking just because you are tired, great things could come of this.


Clara: The code of the creative: Don’t believe your own hype – Be the best you can be – Be a hoarder – You can have a conscience – Know when to quit.


Christian: the hard part is not creating new ideas as it is to escape the old.


Ben: If Leonardo da Vinci was alive today, he would most likely be on Instagram.


Rachel:  Escape old ideas & always be a united front in your teams; ‘we’ not ‘I’.


Lucas: Don’t believe your own hype. “The ikea processus” you think your idea is better because you made it.


Emma: Find someone who’s idea you value, and don’t listen to the voices in your head.
Boil the problem down to the most basic. Crack it down. Then watch cat videos.


Twyla: Sarcasm makes people more creative.


Rita: Best ideas come when you’re tired.

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