When do we bank on it? By @AsforAlex

Alexandra Sims

By Alexandra Sims


When do we bank on it?


We started the week off with group presentations answering the briefs for name our agency and design the studio but we fell into the trap of poor prioritising. Firstly, we let the two projects fall on the back burner while focusing our efforts on creating content for ICE ( when we could have divided our time between each. Then when the deadline loomed we found ourselves with an answer not fully explored which brought us to a halt. Linus Pauling said “the best way to have a good idea is to have lots of ideas.” This is definitely something we need to do as creatives. Write everything down, nothing is too silly and we shouldn’t be precious too early.

While it is wise to not settle on your first good idea, it’s important to know when to bank your idea and run with it. There needs to be a deadline to start developing and executing so that you have something in motion that meets the brief while still being open to something else if you have the time to do an additional one. We can’t be afraid to bank ideas for the longer term either. All ideas should be noted down even if they aren’t relevant to our current projects or we can’t think of how to make them work just yet. File them away so that you can come back to them because once an idea is fed to us, our minds carry on processing them in the background and one day it might click. In fact, if we do hit a wall then there are many ways we can walk away from a problem and return with a solution. We often have our best creative thoughts when our analytical minds are switched off, if you think when you’re tired then your conscious mind isn’t awake which leaves the weird side in charge.

So bank and gain interest on those ideas!

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