Where is the switch? – By @thefuerst

By Martin Fürst


Where is the switch?

Switching in every possible way. From German to English. From writing to crafting a copy. From old habits to new ones.

At the moment I’m sitting on a lovely terrace in Greece and front of me lays an astonishing bay, which produces soothing rushing. These surroundings are the perfect conditions for getting closer to the eight book mark. Nearly a week passed by since I started with the reading list. Finishing a book after book gives me some confidence for getting started at SCA. My inner Autonomic System slowly begins to switch from German to English. After all, I’m training my English skills as well as getting new insights in the advertising business.

Before my ten days long vacation I started my personal project “”. Many of my future SCA colleagues did some project for good. I also dedicated mine to it. It’s a blog, which publishes entertaining short stories and old pictures from elders back in their youth. It promotes sharing time with your grandparents again and experiencing the other side of your grandma or grandpa; which you might not know yet. After setting up the page structure and defining the concept, I wrote all copies and started the design process. I couldn’t resist making the first sketches.

Reading the book “Made to stick” blew my mind and made me angry at the same time. I wish I’ve read it two years ago, or at least before starting with “”. Now I realize, it was a mistake getting into the design process at this early stage. I need to rewrite all copies at the web page and supporting material again! ARRRR!  The few sentences on the homepage will decide, whether it becomes a success or not. This little group of words has more power than I previously thought. But with the help of “Made to Stick” – which I face now as a copywriting guide for me, this problem should be solvable.

The fact that I already did some stuff right, although I never thought about text and its mechanism this way helped me come over my self-hate. I should have read the book earlier! Knowing these techniques, allows me to switch from writing a text towards crafting a copy.

In my previous SCAB, I mentioned how I got into SCA.  In the interview with Marc, I explained my situation and how I put myself into it. Now that I’m fully aware of the six principles for Stickiness, it became crystal clear to me, why it led to success.

It was actually

a simple (move to another country),

unexpected (applying somewhere else, but discovering SCA),

concrete (told him everything step by step from the beginning ),

credible (it’s my personal experience), and

emotional (wasn’t quite sure, where I should go),

story (explaining my situation).

And it led to SUCCESs. 😉

Now that I have switched from employee to student, I’m searching for the next switch in myself. Smoker to non-smoker, but hopefully never switching back.

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