COUP’s current artistic inspiration:


By COUP – The Intake of 2015/16


COUP’s current artistic inspiration:

Nadia: Eugenia Loli’s collages are colourful, humorous and whimsical. View when in need of a pick-me-up on a cold, dark wintry night
Dennis: Vivian Maier. She is the best street photographer of the 20th century and it’s an awesome story how she got famous
Seb: Frank Gehry because I’m fascinated by how he can come up with such beautiful ideas
Ben G: Gregory Crewdson. So cinematic and magical and big
Katy: Cindy Sherman because I temporarily forgot about her. She’s the master of disguise
Federica: Joan cornellá. Amazing communication through illustrations
Becci: Bart Smeets – His street art is fantastic, he uses the medium that he’s drawing on beautifully
Chloe: This guy, because internet Art is defo a thing and good thing at that
Zac:  Jean Cocteau – He’s the most inspiring crazy fuck ever
Nunu: Paula Bonet – She draws her personal life with incredible talent and depth
Laurens: Ronan Keating – Amazing lyricist who is working at an emotional level that’s way beyond anyone else right now
Laura: My friend Paul. Makes really cool installations, type faces and illustrations. He’s also a hilariously lovely guy
Nick L: Damon Albarn – Constantly changing his approach and never stops looking for influences outside of what he knows
Roman: Chiara Bautista – You can feel that she put her heart in her art and it’s simply beautiful
Sam: Enjoying Keiichi Tanaami’s animation at the ‘ World goes pop ‘ exhibition
Ben T & Tristan: Jenny Saville
Alicia: Ben Meaker – ECD of nice & serious which is doing some amazing stuff that looks great and does great
Adriano: CYRIAK – I love how he see the world & QUAYOLA – I love how he play on the contrast of analog and digital, modern and old
Nihal: My stepdad Seamus Murphy for his beautiful and intimate photography of people living in Afghanistan and Syria
Kenny: Victoria Topping always a winner for me
Blaž: Erik Johansson – Concept, details, craft and because I love photo manipulation.
Alex: Robert Williams, because his illustrations make you go ‘What! The! Fuck!’
Matt B: My Mum because she made one of the most beautiful things known to man. #iLoveMyself
Rhiannon:  I’ve fallen back in love with Sally Mann recently
TomaszTori Amos – for doing the thing she loved from the very start, even when it meant going against the grain
Ethan: Mark Rothko, anyone who’s bold enough to make paintings worth millions out of giant blocks of colour is just wow. Epitomises being a creative, create and sell
Nick K: Benjamin Rabier, illustrator, the man behind the laughing cow logo and so many great children books
Angus: David Hepher; love his London landscapes
Beatrice: Andy Warhol will always be my reply

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