Why your voice matters @petranandersson

By Petra Andersson

We live in a crowded world. Right now, you and I make up about 0.000000026 percent of the world’s population. It’s easy to feel small and insignificant when you think about it. Especially so after listening to Ben Tyson from Born Social talking about content shock and how many posts that are created each minute in social media. It feels almost impossible to break through the noise. But sometimes it only takes one voice to stop the world and get people to listen.

You have probably heard about the Harvey Weinstein scandal that has been all over different media platforms the last week. We are all becoming increasingly appalled as more and more women step forward to share their stories. From hitting on 40 years younger women wearing nothing but his bathrobe to several investigations of rape. It has taken a little more than a week for the story to unfold. But we quickly found out that the rumors have been circulating Hollywood for several decades. All it took was a few brave women to stand up and share their stories.

The movie industry didn’t respond immediately, but after only a few days several famous actresses got the courage to speak and share their stories. Soon the Harvey Weinstein had grown and transformed into one of the biggest snowballs to ever come out of Hollywood. To this date, over 20 women from assistances to A-listed Hollywood celebs have shared their stories. Weinstein has been left by his wife, kicked out of the BAFTA-academy and fired from his own production company. He is now facing several investigations after charges have been pressed against him. And it all started with one voice.

I don’t know if you read my last scab where I took a stand against sexist advertising. After all, it collided with the death of Hugh Hefner, resulting in several topicals in bunny suits from my fellow SCA-students. Not exactly the impact I had in mind. So when we one week later were watching the Virgin’s Suite and Innocent-ad I had had it. But unfortunately lacked the power to say so, which I partly blame on a severe culture shock (I seriously doubt it would be ok to screen it in a Swedish classroom without a comment or disclaimer) and sleep deprivation (I spent the night trying to produce a quality scamp. I still struggle to draw a straight line). I left the room feeling extremely frustrated and disappointed with myself. I decided to at least make a comment about it on our Slack channel.

That comment resulted in a brilliant scab by Adeline where she expressed everything that I couldn’t. And after that, we have discussed it in comments sections and in between master classes. I wasn’t the only one who felt uncomfortable with the ad and the discussion following it. And I think that’s pretty common. For every raised voice there are usually at least twice as many quietly dwelling on the same issue.

That’s why your voice matters. When you dare to stand up for what’s right you ignite a spark. Even the smallest action can create a snowball effect as more and more people start to speak up. All it takes is one voice. And that’s how we change the world. By standing strong together, offer our support and sharing each other’s stories.

Next time we face a similar situation I’m pretty sure that I will find the words. And I am absolutely convinced that classroom won’t turn quiet. You will have at least seven people shout from the top of their lungs.

We’re not afraid anymore.

Want to discuss human rights and equality? Bring it on.

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