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By @1CuriousGiraffe


I was never good at maths at school. Actually I was truly awful.


Quadratic who? Algehuh? Square root of you what? But today, on our first day back, David Pearl came into SCA and spoke about our life as a plotted graph.


On this graph, however disjointed or meandering the line of our lives are, the x axis measures the past, present, future. The y axis measures our level of happiness, what makes us get out of bed in the morning.


I started thinking about my journey at SCA and I guess I do know a few things about maths:


The probability that I will f**k up majestically = total certainty.


Degree of red my face will blush in a pitch = very high.


Mean number of hours shouting at Photoshop = 12


The ratio of me not knowing the answers when asked = 500:1.


Fraction of social life I will have retained = 2/10


Approximation of consumed Market House beer in pint units = 79


Odds of weekly all nighters = 1-1.


The volume of work I will do to get to portfolio stage = shitloads.


Percentage of excitement for all the above to happen = 10000000%.



So you certainly don’t have to have it all figured out as long as you keep returning to your Y axis, to why we are here. And you don’t have to be good at maths because luckily, SCA isn’t about numbers, equations and calculations, it’s about churning out ideas, making colossal mistakes and getting great.

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