You can walk the same path many times and not see, by @13samuels

Sam Markham

By Sam Markham


You can walk the same path many times and not see


You can walk the same path many times and not see the same thing twice or only see what you want to see.
I am restarting the year at S.C.A again. I was here the same time last year but a very different traveller. In fact I had just travelled from the other side of the world to come back to the place I was born. Something I thought would be a lot easier but there is a reason for most things you do, even if you re not conscious of them.
Lost, confused, angry, arrogant, sad,
excited, daunted, bitter, overwhelmed   frightened are some of the words that described what was going on inside back then. These are not fun emotions to suppress. But suppress I did. And like a ticking time bomb you only have so long before the BOOM!
Anyway, sitting back in the school today, a year later and a different person on the inside, listening to Marc Lewis give his first words of the year; what jumped out at me?
He talked about being humble.
He talked of being grateful.
He talked of being teachable.
They jumped out not because I’m a master of these but  because I m not.
This is what I’ve chosen to see on the start of the path this year.
Time to face my limitations and learn,
Second chances don’t come around often.

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