Your body and your brain @marionaulas

By Marion Aulas

Your body and your brain are the most important 2 things you have in life. It’s all to you to train them to take them to their best or let them rot and/or die.
It maybe seems I repeat myself because my last SCAB was also about food. But « you’re what you eat » and :

  1. 1)  It’s SO important in life (healthy and stuffs)
  2. 2)  I have the feeling I didn’t say all I wanted to say

I thought a lot about this subject and should I or shouldn’t I talk about that in a scab.
But SCA taught me that what defines you in life is about what you stand for. And also your acts in life according to that. So here I am.

Maybe it can seems cheeky to quote Harry Potter, but Dumbledore says in HP2: “It is not our abilities that show what we truly are. It is our choices.”
I’m not pretentious to pretend I know everything about veganism and vegetarianism. I’m not a professional. But I need to share what I know, maybe teach something to some of you.

I’m very interested in all this so I know a bit (maybe more than a bit) of information I have to tell you.
I made a choice in my life, in fact, many choices, to defend and stand for what I trust in earth

I became vegetarian/vegan for many reasons. But your beliefs and values are always evolving through the years, the people you meet, the book you read…
You meet people who are helping you to make evolve your thinking; Sometimes it even disrupts all your way of thinking. You’re learning every day. From everyone, everything and everywhere.

At the beginning (when I decided to become vegetarian), almost 3 years ago now, I felt very concerned by the animal cruelty. That was the main (and only one) reason to not eating meat and fish anymore. I’ve always been an animal lover, every animal. I’ve always had pets at home, and I lived all my life in a small city with a big forest, where you can see deer, foxes, llamas, donkeys… But until I saw a documentary (Earthlings, for those who are interested) I never had the feeling to really kill an animal to eat. I live in France, and we have a really strong cultural habit about food and gastronomy. France is known for that. I knew, of course, that when I was eating chicken, it a was an actual chicken. But I never over think about it. And be conscious of what you eat, and have the feeling to be in accord with you, your values makes you feel good. I mean, really really good.

Now it has evolved. Besides the animal cruelty, I have a lot of reasons that push me to continue my journey in the vegan world. The environment, my health, ethics, over-consumption society…
And that’s the things I wanted to share with you today. You always need to be aware of what is around you. You need to learn, to listen to people whatever their points of view. You need to realize that you never know ALL you can know.

And that’s why life is interesting, isn’t it?

I left you a few videos/documentary/things to read if you are interested about this subject and want to learn more about what you eat 🙂 (vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, (…) or not).
What the health? (on Netflix)
Cowspiracy (on Netflix)


P.S :
You don’t eat fish and meat when you are vegetarian. You don’t eat or use any animals product when you’re vegan.

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