You’re Only as Good as Your Next Idea by @madsalexanderdk

Mads Neilson






By Mads Nielsen


On Monday we present our portfolio brief Nº4.


At the moment I’m not looking forward to it.


It’s Friday evening and I don’t have a great idea. I have a few all right “student” routes scamped up but nothing mindblowing.


I’ve been working on it all week but just haven’t had that so called eureka moment. I’ve been going back and forth on different routes. None of the ideas feel right or tick off the s.u.c.c.e.s criterias.


Simple – Unexpected – Concrete – Credible – Emotional – Stories


I know that there is a great idea out there and i will find it but the deadline is creeping up. The anxiety of not having anything to show is starting to take over. Should i just submit mediocre work?


Commiting to something you don’t believe in, is the worst feeling. It’s soul destroying. Especially now when we are at school, where we can do whatever we want. There are no account managers or creative directors telling us what to do.


The worst part of SCA is presenting work you aren’t happy with on the big screen in front of everyone.


Sir John Hegarty puts it perfectly – ‘You’re only as good as your next idea and if you don’t agree with that it’s time to leave’.


Im definately not leaving.


Actually I am, I have a brief to get back to.

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