2023… What a Trip

Now then, I didn’t expect to be sitting in this uncomfortable home-office chair, writing the words ‘I’ve been accepted to the world’s best portfolio school’. As if 2023 couldn’t be more bewildering. This isn’t a criticism, it’s simply an observation.

Obviously, I’m over-the-moon-can’t-wipe-this-smile-off-my-face right now, ecstatic, elated, punching the air and yelling at the top of my lungs, ‘I’m going to portfolio school baby!’ My wife’s wiping tears of joy from her eyes, we’re both jumping up ’n’ down like some amphetamine-riddled Mods. I did it. 

You needed this win’, my wife says to me as we’re walking along the bank of the Thames, expelling all excess energy. Apart from our wedding, 2023’s been a nightmare; I forgot to mention, I got laid off twice this year. A real bummer. 

And though we’d celebrated an incredible day of pledging our undying love to one another, the light of our magical wedding came and went as quickly as a British summer. Overcast by hucksters and dishonest employers, I’d been left with a broken spirit. 

But here is my golden ticket! Here’s my chance to prove my worth to the tribe I’ve longed to be part of. Here’s my opportunity to make incredible creative work, to partner with other like-minded creatives, and a chance to get into one of my dream ad agencies. All because Marc saw something in me; a battered, bruised 33 year old. 

So as I write this first piece, I’m not only tremendously excited for the future, but also extremely thankful to Marc Lewis. Thank you so much, I promise you I will not let you down.


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