90s Escapism – By @now_pictured

By Ivan Stanojevic


90s Escapism


It’s week 6 of our SCA journey. It simultaneously seems like it’s way shorter and longer than that. It’s a strange thing. A week at SCA mostly feels like a month has passed. Once you reach Friday and you look back on the Monday of the same week, you are left asking yourself? Was that seriously only 5 days ago?! But then again, time is just a social concept and it doesn’t really exist. 


I recently re-watched my “This is Me” video, that we all had to do before school began, and I was left saying – I don’t know who this man is. He could be walking down the street I wouldn’t know a thing. Sorry to this man. (If you don’t get the reference, check out this instantly iconic video But in all seriousness, I can’t even imagine what I’m going to be like in a year, once the course is over. It’s already such a huge year of changes for me and I believe it’s only going to get more intense.


One of the reasons each week of SCA feels so long is because we do a LOT. We are constantly forced to come up with new solutions. Not just ad ideas, but also SCABs (like this one), different briefs about animals, rebranding, new products, etc. We’re constantly scamping and throwing ideas around. And I guess that takes a toll on your psyche and perception of time. We spend our whole days at the school and during the week it’s mostly SLEEP – SCA – SLEEP – REPEAT. But that’s great, that’s what we are here for after all right? However, it still doesn’t help the dread you feel each time you are presented with a new brief and you feel like there are no more ideas left in your body or mind. With the help of your partner and mentors, you (usually) realize that’s not the case. But what if one time you actually can’t come up with an idea? We’ll cross that bridge once we (don’t) get to it. 


As most people know, 90s TV shows are my jam. It’s how I learned English, world history, popular culture and how important communication is. It’s educated me more than most school systems. And they’re a great way to escape reality. There’s just something reassuring about escaping to a small, cape side town in the 90s. There’s no scamping there. There’s no Trump there. There’s no Brexit there. There are only small-town romance problems and high school tests. There’s a bright-eyed pre-Tom Cruise Katie Holmes and Dawson, who is still to this day husband material. 


It’s still too early to tell exactly how the year will go, and it will keep getting more intense. But we have gotten a taste of what awaits us and it’s going to be a fun and bumpy ride that will transform us in ways we can’t even imagine yet. But one thing is certain when times get rough, I’ll always have Dawson’s Creek (or any number of other 90s shows) there to console me. 

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