Anecdotes about advertising. – By @charlenethblt

By Charlène Thibault


Anecdotes about advertising.


Here is different anecdotes about advertising that marked or inspired me.


Between the kickoff and the final of the last Super Bowl, the Fox garnered $419 million in advertising revenue. (It’s more than the GDP of Kiribati, a country in Indonesia)

In 2017, for 30 seconds of advertising at half-time, it was necessary to pay over $5 million, it’s $170,000 per second…


The average of French people watching TV is 4 hours a day, at this rate, he will have spent more than 13 years in front of his TV on his 80th birthday. There is about 8 minutes of advertising per hour, it has been nearly 1 year and 9 months of advertising.


By 2020, the moon could accommodate its first billboard, this is what the Japanese company Ispace wants to do, which has already raised $90 million to achieve it.


In 1954, Guinness embarked on a major publicity stunt to celebrate their 200th birthday. They launch 50,000 bottles in the Atlantic Ocean with a message inside. Some bottles were found in Liverpool docks, others from the Bahamas, Tahiti, the Azores and Mexico. The success of the idea led to the decision to treble the scale of the drop to be done in the bicentenary year of 1959. In July of that year, Guinness celebrated 200 years since the establishment of the company. To mark the occasion, an unusual publicity stunt was mounted, where some 150,000 specially embossed bottles were dropped into the Atlantic Ocean from 38 different ships over a period of 6 weeks.


The first TV ad appeared on July 1st 1941, it was a 9-second still image film for the Bulova watch brand.


In 2006, KFC went satellite advertising, wondering what was the most watched place on google map, they decided to rent a plot of land near Area 51 to recreate the logo.


With $200,000 for the budget and $220 millions in revenue, The Blair Witch Project is one of the most profitable films in history. Notably thanks to an excellent advertising campaign: a site devoted to the film, in order to follow the actors preparing a documentary, is born 1 year before the release of Blair Witch. At the release of the film, none of the actors participate at the promotion, the directors have even decided to create posters announcing the disappearance of actors near the cinema where the film was broadcast. This is why many first viewers didn’t know if the people they saw on the screen were still alive.


The most expensive TV commercial was advertising for the Chanel No. 5 fragrance, released in 2004, which cost $ 33 millions (Nicole Kidman, the lead actress, pocketed $ 3 million).


By 2018, the world will have spent about $650 billions on advertising (if advertising were a country, it would be the world’s 21st largest economy). Of these 650 billions, about 110 billions will go into the pocket of Google or Facebook.

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