D&AD,tech and the gals. By @eandertonallen

By Beth Anderton-Allen


D&AD,tech and the gals.


Last week on international women’s day a few of us headed down to Sapient Razorfish for their Be Bold For Change event. The event focused on exploring and discussing the uncomfortable truth of diversity (or lack there of) in creative vs the tech industry, and the fact that it’s going to take us 170 years to close the gender pay gap. But one of the main issues bought up was the number of young women going into the tech industry. Only 3% of female graduates considered a career in tech because from a young age your not told it’s a route to even consider. However, tech has always intrigued me. I spent two years studying music technology and decoding the massive impact that it has had on the industry, from samplers to the way that we consume music. Tech has been pushing the boundaries in the music industry for decades and the ad industry is only just catching up. At SCA there is a big emphasis on exploring interesting media channels within our work and looking for the unexpected. Finding the right application in tech and digital just seems like the right direction to be heading down, especially when it comes to D&AD. And with the deadline fast approaching here are 20 things that I’ve learnt so far:

  1. Start with about 4 briefs, but decided which one’s your going to kill quickly. Some are just not going to work for you.
  2. Google docs will be your best friend.
  3. You will constantly question yourself. Does it make sense? Am I going down the right avenue?
  4. Your ideas will constantly change and develop.
  5. Trust your gut. But be open to changing your executions.
  6. Listen to the mentors, but whole heartedly weigh up the pros and cons and decide what you

    want to do.

  7. Be logical, if your going round in circles then something isn’t quite clicking into place.
  8. Contact people in the industry who do work similar to your idea. They have a goldmine of

    knowledge and are really good at giving an outsiders perspective.

  9. Conversations can save your idea. Remember everything people tell you, because it will come

    in handy.

  10. Don’t be scared to try another route.
  11. Leave the studio.
  12. Spend time doing other things outside of SCA. Ideas will start flowing when you least expect it.
  13. Constantly ask your fellow penguins for feedback.
  14. Always be looking for new and exciting media.
  15. Be thinking, what’s going to make my idea stand out.
  16. Do something different.
  17. Plan your time wisely. Jumping between partners is a task in itself.
  18. Switching between briefs, helps new ideas grow.
  19. Research the hell out of your target market.
  20. Always go back to the brief.

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