Drunk thoughts < Sober thoughts

This half-term grandma Gwen went out, and spoiler alert, she may or may not have had one drink too many. 

At the end of last week, I think all of SCA’s honey’s were due for a little break. 

The sleepless nights were catching up with me. I felt drained. Lacking originality and creativity. 

My playful child was M.I.A.

I flew back to Amsterdam for half term for a medical procedure, and the recovery ended up being a little rougher than I had anticipated. So much so, I had to move my flight and extend my stay.

After a few days in bed, I was feeling somewhat alive again. 

On Friday night, I was texting a friend, feeling a bit upset that I wasn’t able to do as much back home as I would have liked to, and so she invited me to hers for a spontaneous drink. 

Maybe It’s the fact that I barely drink anymore, or maybe, I genuinely did just have one drink too many. The leftover fentanyl in my system could definitely have also played a role.

Either way, your girl got a little drunk.

At the beginning of SCA, the mentors had told us not to do drugs in order to feel more creative. I’d wondered if being under the influence could make a difference. 

My drunk self sure thought she was on fire with her ‘ground-breaking’ thoughts on new campaign ideas. 

So much so, I voice noted my work-husband @rob about it.

Here’s a transcript of that message:

“Okay so this is the very very rare sighting, even though you can’t see it, of me being very drunk at 4 in the morning, which as you know doesn’t happen often. 

Ummmmmmmmmm and I’m walking home and ummmmmm I’m recording this message, that I will probably very much regret in the morning, of me having some freakin brilliant thoughts about our campaigns.*

*spoiler alert: I lied 

So I’ve written them all down. Tomorrow morning they might not be as brilliant as I think they are right now. BUT remind me to share those with you. 

Also know that even though I’m out having fun, which doesn’t happen often, which I don’t do enough, I’m still thinking of SCA work. 

*insert 2 min of  me going on about my shitty mock ups and how I want pizza*

… and now I’m just ranting. anyway I hope you’re sleeping well, and oh *boom* I just walked into a tree, but other than that um, yes, um I’ll speak to you soon” 

Now drumroll please for these so called ‘brilliant campaign ideas’ …

3:47 AM – Saturday 18th of February Notes

Life altering camoaigb ideas

  • For Coleman’s could we make a soegaik pairing 
  • Beer and mustard all runs way 
  • Sandwhivhes 
  • Damn I want dan which 
  • Without mustard please 
  • Is she deaf? 
  • Also don’t forget to message the robster
  • House party scaling for dreams 
  • Dreams the last of us 
  • Special gummy bear cocktails wine gums 
  • Winegums infused gummies 
  • Kids adults 
  • Am I an adult in a kid body orna kid in an adult body 
  • Paranormal activity 
  • Mustard child 
  • Westy, robster, robertson, 
  • Amazon late night 
  • Amazon gift for occasion 
  • Caucasian persoona
  • Lol
  • I understand why I stopped sl drinking 
  • Duck man 
  • Music sucks too 
  • Anyway, Spotify? podcast? 
  • Idk 
  • What
  • Oh yeah 

Anyway, moral of the story is that I have absolutely no clue what any of these thoughts mean. Besides the fact that I finally found @rob his new nickname, non of these thoughts were helpful in the slightest. 

It just sparked so many more questions. 

Yes, I sure did feel more creative, and yes, my playful child sure did come back to life, but other than that…

I’ve come to the conclusion that for me, being under the influence is indeed not very helpful when it comes to new campaign ideas. 

That’s my verdict. 

Would love to hear if you have had a different experience.

Maybe for my next scab I can try and unpack these ideas. Figure out what they mean and see if I actually end up using any of these Ideas for our next book crit.

Who knows. 

Anyway, I’ll leave you with that for today as I’m now also recovering from a three day hangover. but other than that um, yes, um I’ll speak to you soon.



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