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By Rachel Morris

To be honest with you, I don’t actually mind writing scabs. The thing I do hate is the deadline for them because when it comes to the day, I’m literally searching high and low for some sort of an idea. And then you get paranoid that what you’ve written isn’t good enough, check check check and the clock is going so much faster. I also start to get the mindset of ‘who even reads these, do people even care? Hardly anyone not on the course actually acknowledges it with a response anyway.


So today I sit on my super cheap Megabus seat going to the best city in England- Manchester, looking around and thinking right, I’m going to use these 5 hours to be a productive person. I’m going to write my scabs now. I’m going to bank these scabs so that when I get the lovely notice I can just bypass those feelings and be like bam did mine 4 weeks ago!


My first scab is going to be a little poem I wrote with the help of John before we became John in the first 2 weeks of school:




If only I had money I’d of quit my job sooner


I’d have spent more time writing than slaying orcs,

travelling the world or travelling time to see those people on the other side


It would have helped me get some sleep last night


Where I’d of dreamed of magic adopted kittens, ITV, and sugar daddies


If only I hadn’t been so drunk, I’d of asked her not to go


then maybe I’d be more than I am.




This was created from a masterclass by Dee in the first 2 weeks of the term that we all participated in.





Rachel x

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