Just before we get into this. By @DKelly1504

By Daniel Kelly


Just before we get into this.


I write this in a café called Vera Cruz on St. Matthews Road opposite the School. The coffee is decent and the owner is friendly. He insists I unplug the air conditioning to charge my laptop since ‘its cold enough now anyway.’ I took a six-hour coach from Liverpool yesterday at 5am. I have a brutal hangover because me and my friends went out for ‘a quiet drink’ to celebrate me moving on after a year of stagnation in my personal and professional life. By the time midnight came around we had wandered into an open mic situation playing VERY sloppy surf-rock on a borrowed guitar and drum kit. I think we may have been subsequently ejected for lining up 8 Christmas songs on the jukebox.


I deposited my luggage at Victoria station and it cost 25 pounds. My friend tells me I could have used the lockers at the British Library for free. I’m staying on my friend’s couch in Battersea while I try find somewhere to live. I’ve got four viewings lined up for later today. I went to one yesterday and it was really grim. The building smelled like piss, tonnes of barbed wire and trainers hanging from telephone poles. I think living in London is going to take some getting used to. I used to live in Tokyo where the population isn’t too different but London feels much more crowded in comparison. Like it was built for 2 million people and not 9 million.


I’m excited about the course. Finished the reading list and much of it was pretty interesting so that’s a good sign. Although reading all that material in such a short space of time has made it (at least for me) slightly difficult to remember which author said what. Sorry Kenneth Higbee. Usually when I read I like to let my mind digest the material before I move on to something else. Same was true in University although the reading here isn’t as dry. I’m also excited about the rigour of the course. The pressure to be creative will probably generate some good ideas. I’m hoping the environment will help me become a constantly idea generating machine. That would be cool.


My ‘This is Me’ video was a bit of a plan B and thin on substance so that’s a shame but I think it’s a fairly accurate self portrayal.


I’m reading the other SCABs and it warms my tiny heart to see you’re also rushing to get yours done. You must have gotten the same phone call I did. I’m hoping you’re just as likeable in person. I’ve spoken to a couple of you on Facebook and I’m getting good vibes.


The current news cycle seems even bleaker than usual. In the West you’ve got the largest hurricane in recorded history on its way to level Florida after ravaging the Bahamas. In the East it’s the eve of North Korea’s founding day which they’re known to celebrate with a missile test. Its very tense there at the moment so maybe the world will end tomorrow. That would be a shame. No SCA for us!


So this was just a simple update on how I’m feeling and things I’m reflecting on. If you read my other two SCABs I don’t really feature. I don’t really find myself to be a particularly interesting subject. I don’t even think I’ve ever Tweeted or done a Facebook status before. But this was therapeutic in a way.

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