Life. We are born, we live and then we die. Quite simple, right? However, it’s not. Sometimes life can be so weird and complicated. It’s made of ups and downs. We can’t always live happy moments, we will have to pass through hard moments as well. But those difficulties are what make us enjoy as much as possible the happiness of the others events. There are so many things that make life an extraordinary journey. So, we should take the time to appreciate those moments and to live our life the way we want to without looking back.

Everything I’m saying maybe seems obvious or just seems to be another moral you don’t feel the need to hear. But it’s not my goal. I’m not writing this scab to dictate how you should live your life. I only want to speak about the lesson I learned from what I went through. And I did go through very hard time last year. Without going into further details I got sick. Like really sick. Doctors were pessimistic and diagnosed sicknesses I wish I would never have been confronted to. I lived a nightmare I will never forget. It affected me psychologically and physically. Even the simplest things were a struggle. My family and friends helped me a lot when I was not at my best and it made my time much better. And here I am one year later. In quite a good shape. Living my life the way I want to. And without regret.

Moving to a new city really helped me thinking about something else and to finally moving on. London is a bit different from Paris, I love being here and being surrounded by these lovely people is making my time here an unforgettable experience.

Now, I enjoy the little things strolling down the street and seeing this, when I couldn’t walk a few months back. Exploring my new environment is thrilling; meeting interesting people and living new experiences has been a relief. The social aspect brings a whole new perspective. I met so many people from different background, which led to mad adventures. And it could happen anywhere really, down the street, at the pub, at school. Strangers easily became acquaintances, and soon enough good friends.

To conclude, do what you want, what you like the most because life is too short to live in the past. If you realize that’s not the right thing for you just change and do something else. There is no barrier to stop you. Motivation and hard work are your best friends to help you realize your dream. Never cry a defeat but move forward and learn from it. This applies to your work and your life in general.

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