Night is coming – By @PavouxAlison

By Alison Pavoux


Night is coming

I might be crazy, but I think there is two different worlds. I think there is day time and there is night time, we are switching between day and night indefinitely. Everybody knows day time, we are all living in together, there is only one big story for all of us. But then the interesting part takes place, we all fall asleep and all individually go to a different world which is ours. Dreams happen every night to everyone, some of us will never remember and not even realize they have dreamt, I wonder how can we forget? I dream a lot, every night, and I always remember. When I was younger I was happy to go to bed, it was like going to the second world. I use to write my dreams in a book in a morning, but then, one day, my brother found it and read it, I was mad at him and I stopped writing. I realized dreams are the most personal thing you get, nobody would never do the same dream as yours, it can be kind of the same story, or the same persons can be in there, but there is no way they can be exactly the same. If day and night were real persons, night time would just be the crazy one. It is weird because it is your dream, you can do whatever you want, but you can’t control anything. Later, because I never stopped dreaming I did some researches about it, I didn’t find anything really interesting though. They said that it is your unconscious which speak for you, and some actions mean things: Like if you dream that your teeth are falling down, it means you probably told things you shouldn’t have told, or if you dream you are flying, it means you feel free (what is sucks because I never dreamt of that again since I am 10). I don’t know if all those suggestions are true, anyway I think we shouldn’t analyze our dreams, trying to understand what is going on into your unconscious is just suicide. We would be upset by what we would find out and upset by don’t understanding why we dreamt about that, it would be like begin a war with your own mind. The only case I would try to understand it is if the same dream come back again and again, it would be really frustrating, obviously you have to figure it out.

I watched a documentary about persons able to dream consciously, so weird. One of them was gymnastic athlete, he said he could take control of his dream, he knows he was dreaming so he could build the dream how he wanted it to be. I don’t know if it is true but if it is I think it’s amazing. He explained he could practice gymnastics and learn routine then. No more time wasted, but it means you are always in control of everything, and the cool thing with dreams is their unexpected way.

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