One Hundred Percent, by @JezzaFonteneau

Jérémy Fonteneau

By Jeremy Fonteneau



I don’t know how to start this one.

It seems like everything has changed in less than 3 weeks.

As if everything was the other way around.


Briefs are passing by fast and you need to catch them.

Catching a brief is something, catching its deadline is another thing.

But doing your best is the only thing and that stands from day 1 in the studio and will stand longer after that.


« D&AD is coming ». When Marc said it on 2nd of March, I felt like if I was in GoT (Game of Thrones).

But running south to escape the winter is much easier than running in his direction. Look at John Snow.

So yeah, pressure is on a few days before the deadline. And it’s not the only one. It is the one we all are interested by. But at the end of the day, it’s just a nice picture in your living room to show how good you were before even starting your career.


So rather than being focused on your student award, you should probably be focused on your career.

At least it’s what Marc told me.

I listened him. He was right. Pressure is less intense now, I’m probably in a better shape than I was 2 days ago.

I just need to be focused on what is important as the moment.

Having fun.

The only thing who really matters in there. Obviously it’s about work. Your best work is coming from your best laughs.

I do remember when I applied for SCA.


Even more than that.

At least it’s what I said to Marc.

I feel like these 100% are still not enough.

I can do better, at least SCA push me to be better than just 100%.

Because 100% is not gonna get you a job.

It’s basically how good you are. But today it’s just how good you really want to be.

And that is asking more than 100%. It’s not even something concrete.

It’s just there. Deep in your heart, because you want to be great.

Great is the goal, amazing the bonus.

But who don’t like bonuses?

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